Ligandrol Dosage: The Complete Guide

A short intro on how to dose Ligandrol

Ligandrol is one of the most effective SARMs available today. It is also among the more versatile SARMs. It can be used for bulking, cutting and also in a stack. Many users who have some experience with SARMs naturally go for stacking. Beginners are not advised to stack straightaway. Develop some familiarity with one SARM at a time and then consider stacking sometime in the future. You should be aware of the exact transformation a particular SARM offers before you stack two or more as that will perplex you throughout the cycle.

Recommended Ligrandrol Dosage

The recommended Ligandrol dosage is a range. There is no specific dose as people have different objectives. There are plenty of individual factors that also come into play. Some people may experience substantial changes in muscle growth and development with just 5mg per day. Some people may need up to 20mg per day. The maximum Ligandrol dosage is 25mg per day. It is better not to take as much. 20mg should be the threshold. At the most one can scale it up a notch and go to around 22mg or 23mg per day. 25mg per day will cause sufficient suppression, especially testosterone hormone. Every Ligandrol dosage and course should be followed up with a post cycle therapy. If the Ligandrol dosage sustained over a period of six to eight weeks is around 20mg to 25mg per day, then the post cycle therapy should be longer and more potent in its effect on the restoration of hormonal balance.

Moderate Ligandrol dosage does not cause aromatization of hormones. Higher Ligandrol dosage, such as 20mg to 25mg per day, can cause some aromatization and this is why the post cycle therapy becomes more significant. Ligandrol dosage should be phased, just like the dose of any strong SARM. It is best to start with 5mg per day if you have never tried this supplement before. You can gradually increase it to 10mg per day. There is no need to split this Ligandrol dosage. Ligandrol 4033, which is the variant available these days, has a half-life of thirty hours. The active ingredients are effective for longer than a day. Taking the supplement once every day is sufficient.

Ligandrol dosage should be regulated depending on the duration of the course, the type of cycle and the profile of a user. Those who are trying to bulk up and already have a healthy & fit physique can get started with 10mg per day and scale it up over a period of six to eight weeks. Those who are into a cutting cycle can choose a course of six to eight weeks but opt for a much reduced Ligandrol dosage. 5mg per day is good to start with but the dose does not have to be increased beyond 10mg per day. The maximum Ligandrol dosage for the cutting phase is 15mg per day.

If anyone is stacking Ligandrol with other SARMs or bodybuilding supplements, whether a fat burner or performance enhancer, the dose should be stringently limited. It is not necessary to take up to 20mg and certainly not 25mg per day if Ligandrol is being stacked with one or more supplements. The overall balance should be maintained so an optimum Ligandrol dosage is between 5mg and 10mg per day. Consuming more than 30mg or 40mg of different supplements can have side effects.

Effects of Standard Ligandrol Dosage

Someone who has a regular workout routine and is already reasonably fit & muscular will gain as much as eight pounds of lean muscle mass with 5mg to 10mg of Ligandrol per day. Those who have already used the SARM before are likely to have greater tolerance. These users might have to increase the daily Ligandrol dosage to 15mg. These doses are relevant for the bulking phase. The dose should be reduced during the cutting phase. It is important to note that a user must not take Ligandrol for both bulking and cutting phases in succession, even if there is a post cycle therapy in the interim. Choose if you want to use the supplement for bulking or cutting. You can choose other SARMs for the course you are not using Ligandrol for. If you are stacking the supplement, restrict it to just one cycle and it can be either bulking or cutting.

The effects of standard Ligandrol dosage should not be generalized. Identical transformations are not possible. The actual Ligandrol dosage you choose and continue throughout a cycle should be influenced by your present state of health, the condition of your physique, the level of your fitness and your intended goal. You can always experiment with Ligandrol dosage while staying within the safety limits. Taking less than 5mg per day may not have any effective transformation. Do not breach the 20mg per day limit unless you absolutely have to. All users should definitely stay within 25mg per day.

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