Ligandrol Side Effects Explained: What you should know

ligandrol side effects

An intro to the Side Effects of Ligandrol

Ligandrol also is known as LGD 4033 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator developed by the pharmaceutical company Ligand. In this article, we are going to outline some Ligandrol side effects. Before we delve into the side effects of Ligandrol, we need to explain exactly what s Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM is.

What are SARMs ?

SARMs were introduced to cure bone and muscle wasting ailments like osteoporosis. LGD-4033, for example, connects with androgen receptors in the body, androgen receptors can be found in the male reproductive system. Therefore, they play a vital role in muscle development. Ligandrol can make it easier to build lean muscle. It also strengthens the muscles and bone tissue. Ligandrol was popularised when bodybuilders and athletes began using it as a way of boosting muscle growth.

One of the reasons why Ligandrol became so popular is because it has undergone extensive clinical trials and scientific tests. Most Ligandrol users report minimal or no side effects. However, this does not mean that there are no side effects whatsoever, now let’s talk about Ligandrol side effects.

Ligandrol Side Effects

When you think about side effects, we automatically think about negative side effects. However, first let’s talk about the positive side effects associated with using Ligandrol.

-Lean muscle growth, some clinical tests have shown that people who took 1.0 mg a day gained a minimum of 3lbs of lean muscle in just under one month.

  • Heightened strength
  • Small doses are safe to use
  • Negative Ligandrol Side Effects

Here are some of the Ligandrol side effects that might have a negative impact on Ligandrol users.

Some of the side effects that have been reported include:

  • Nausea
  • Water retention
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Low-level paranoia(very few people report feelings of paranoia)

Ligandrol Dosage

Aside from the actual Ligandrol side effects, let’s talk about the recommended dosage. How much should you take to avoid negative Ligandrol side effects?

The recommended dosage for Ligandrol is approximately 5mgs a day. Bodybuilders, for example, have reported that they have noticed lean muscle growth and they have experienced increased strength by taking 5 to 10 mgs per day of Ligandrol.

There are two main dosage options to consider when taking Ligandrol if you want to avoid Ligandrol side effects:

  • 5 mg per day for 6 weeks
  • 10 mg per day for 10 weeks

If you are not accustomed to taking SARMs, start off with a smaller dosage and work your way up to a higher dosage. Some Ligandrol users take as much as 20 to 30 mg per day but this is not a recommended dosage. It is best to stick with 5 to 10 mg or less if you want to air on the side of caution.

Something to think about:

Once you have worked out how much you want to take daily, think about the length of the cycle. Studies have shown that 6 to 8 week cycles are best. You can experiment with this and see what works best for you.

You really only need to take Ligandrol once a day because the half-life is about 24-36 hours.

User Reviews

“I have been using Ligandrol for the past 3 months. My aim was to build lean muscle mass and reduce excess weight around my stomach. I have seen some good results and have gained more than  8lbs of lean muscle mass in the past 3 months, and this is without focusing too much on my diet.” -Mark Hazel- Fitness enthusiast

“The main reason I started using Ligandrol was to gain strength and boost my lean muscle mass. I have noticed a massive gain in strength, not so much lean muscle mass but I have only been using it for a couple of months. I am sure I will see some major gains later on.” -John Cairns- amateur bodybuilder-

“I get a lot of questions about Ligandrol side effects, the only side effect I experienced in the first couple of weeks was a slight headache but that went away with increased water intake. I have seen great results so far with more strength and some noticeable muscle gains. I definitely recommend for those who want to experience lean muscle gain without the adverse side effects. 


Ligandrol is a selective androgen receptor modulator that helps build lean muscle mass, increase strength and strengthen the muscles and bone tissue. Most users report positive results with minimal negative side effects. If you are taking other health supplements or medication it is advisable for you to talk to a medical professional prior to embarking on a course of Ligandrol. We talked about Ligandrol side effects in this article and although the negative side effects associated with Ligandrol use were minimal, it is still necessary to stick to the recommended dosage instead of increasing the dosage, especially if you are not accustomed to taking Ligandrol or any other selective androgen receptor.

Analyzing Ligandrol Before and After

ligandrol before and after

What to expect with Ligandrol before and after

Before you can truly understand the significance of Ligandrol Before and After photos, you must understand what Ligandrol is. This is a drug that works the same way a steroid would but does not have the negative side effects that steroids are known for.

It works by affecting specific bodily functions and is currently being tested out on human beings. The Ligandrol Before and After results have been good so far. Most are getting lean muscle added to their body, but they are not seeing any negative side effects.

History of Ligandrol

Ligandrol was developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, a USA based company. They patented the drug in 2009. LGD 4033 was first clinically tried in 2013 and was found to raise muscle mass but not increase fat.

In 2013 the rights were licensed to a new company, Viking Therapeutics. In 2018, it was given to people aged 65 and up recovering from hip fractures. They were able to walk further and enjoyed increased muscle mass in comparison to those not taking the drug.

Benefits of Ligandrol

Looking at photos of Ligandrol before and after tells us there are many good things about it. For example, chemotherapy patients are affected by the muscle wearing away as a result of their treatments.

This drug helps keep their body mass up to par. Ligandrol also helps create new bones and aids in the loss of bones, which is beneficial for those suffering from osteoporosis or bone density ailments.

Side Effects

Ligandrol before and after photos are good, but what real side effects are there? Thankfully there are no side effects when taken properly.

However, things do happen when users take the drug desiring fast results. The testosterone level is affected, also headaches, dry mouth and fatigue were also recorded.

ligandrol before and after 8 weeks cycle
Ligandrol before and after 8 weeks cycle


After looking at the ligandrol before and after photos you often wonder about the ingredients. Ligandrol is a drug that stands by itself and is not blended with any other ingredients.

You may sometimes find it inside certain dietary supplements, but the drug itself is not cut with anything else. The formula for Ligandrol is C14H12F6N2O.


If you are ready to get your own results of Ligandrol Before and After, come and see for yourself the dosage others are using. It is advised that you cycle this for 2 to 6 weeks. Dosage is recommended at 5 to 10 mg each day.

Some people who take ligandrol slowly increased their dosage by 1 mg to 2 mg, but everybody will be different, and this should be done at the early stages of taking the drug, so the increase is constant but manageable.

Women should not go for more than 5 mg each day due to the testosterone present inside the drug.

Price of Ligandrol

Ligandrol Before and After will come at a cost. We saw if for sale for $40 for ten mg. Another site, SARMS4U, had capsules available that were $62 for 60 5 mg capsules.

You can also buy it from various sources as a research chemical, some of these do say not to use it for human consumption. Be careful and read all labels ahead of purchasing.

Customer Reviews

Ligandrol Before and After photos are a great way to see the great results people get with this drug. Doing a quick search for “ligandrol before and after” shows you that this is a serious drug with serious good results behind it, provided it is used correctly and of course safely.

Doing a quick Google search shows us that others who have taken it upon themselves to analyze this particular drug have nothing but good things to say about it. In our research, we could not find one review that was under 4 stars.

As one reviewer on the LFTW site put it, “You feel stronger, you get insane pumps, you get muscles that are full and hard, and you recover fast.” You get all the benefits of testosterone but, no side effects of the androgenic variety.

Says the same reviewer, it is considered to be one of the most powerful SARMS for the act of bulking. You get greater nitrogen retention, boosted protein synthesis, and a possible increase in the production of RBCs, but this has not been confirmed.

This produces just the right environment for the body to grow at a rapid pace.  You gain lean muscle mass as a result of this drug even if you do not work out or eat at a surplus.

In Closing

The best thing to do when you decide to go ahead and integrate ligandrol into your lifestyle is to make sure you take it slow and read the label closely before you actually do so.

Sure, the reviews online are positive, and it is a very good thing, but it’s best to follow all dosage instructions to a T so you stay safe and can show off your ligandrol before and after images with pride.

Ligandrol Dosage: The Complete Guide

ligandrol dosage

A short intro on how to dose Ligandrol

Ligandrol is one of the most effective SARMs available today. It is also among the more versatile SARMs. It can be used for bulking, cutting and also in a stack. Many users who have some experience with SARMs naturally go for stacking. Beginners are not advised to stack straightaway. Develop some familiarity with one SARM at a time and then consider stacking sometime in the future. You should be aware of the exact transformation a particular SARM offers before you stack two or more as that will perplex you throughout the cycle.

Recommended Ligrandrol Dosage

The recommended Ligandrol dosage is a range. There is no specific dose as people have different objectives. There are plenty of individual factors that also come into play. Some people may experience substantial changes in muscle growth and development with just 5mg per day. Some people may need up to 20mg per day. The maximum Ligandrol dosage is 25mg per day. It is better not to take as much. 20mg should be the threshold. At the most one can scale it up a notch and go to around 22mg or 23mg per day. 25mg per day will cause sufficient suppression, especially testosterone hormone. Every Ligandrol dosage and course should be followed up with a post cycle therapy. If the Ligandrol dosage sustained over a period of six to eight weeks is around 20mg to 25mg per day, then the post cycle therapy should be longer and more potent in its effect on the restoration of hormonal balance.

Moderate Ligandrol dosage does not cause aromatization of hormones. Higher Ligandrol dosage, such as 20mg to 25mg per day, can cause some aromatization and this is why the post cycle therapy becomes more significant. Ligandrol dosage should be phased, just like the dose of any strong SARM. It is best to start with 5mg per day if you have never tried this supplement before. You can gradually increase it to 10mg per day. There is no need to split this Ligandrol dosage. Ligandrol 4033, which is the variant available these days, has a half-life of thirty hours. The active ingredients are effective for longer than a day. Taking the supplement once every day is sufficient.

Ligandrol dosage should be regulated depending on the duration of the course, the type of cycle and the profile of a user. Those who are trying to bulk up and already have a healthy & fit physique can get started with 10mg per day and scale it up over a period of six to eight weeks. Those who are into a cutting cycle can choose a course of six to eight weeks but opt for a much reduced Ligandrol dosage. 5mg per day is good to start with but the dose does not have to be increased beyond 10mg per day. The maximum Ligandrol dosage for the cutting phase is 15mg per day.

If anyone is stacking Ligandrol with other SARMs or bodybuilding supplements, whether a fat burner or performance enhancer, the dose should be stringently limited. It is not necessary to take up to 20mg and certainly not 25mg per day if Ligandrol is being stacked with one or more supplements. The overall balance should be maintained so an optimum Ligandrol dosage is between 5mg and 10mg per day. Consuming more than 30mg or 40mg of different supplements can have side effects.

Effects of Standard Ligandrol Dosage

Someone who has a regular workout routine and is already reasonably fit & muscular will gain as much as eight pounds of lean muscle mass with 5mg to 10mg of Ligandrol per day. Those who have already used the SARM before are likely to have greater tolerance. These users might have to increase the daily Ligandrol dosage to 15mg. These doses are relevant for the bulking phase. The dose should be reduced during the cutting phase. It is important to note that a user must not take Ligandrol for both bulking and cutting phases in succession, even if there is a post cycle therapy in the interim. Choose if you want to use the supplement for bulking or cutting. You can choose other SARMs for the course you are not using Ligandrol for. If you are stacking the supplement, restrict it to just one cycle and it can be either bulking or cutting.

The effects of standard Ligandrol dosage should not be generalized. Identical transformations are not possible. The actual Ligandrol dosage you choose and continue throughout a cycle should be influenced by your present state of health, the condition of your physique, the level of your fitness and your intended goal. You can always experiment with Ligandrol dosage while staying within the safety limits. Taking less than 5mg per day may not have any effective transformation. Do not breach the 20mg per day limit unless you absolutely have to. All users should definitely stay within 25mg per day.

The Benefits of Ligandrol Explained

ligandrol benefits

The complete guide to Ligandrol Benefits

There are a few proven Ligandrol benefits and some effects are more anecdotal. It is difficult to verify anecdotal evidence, especially since the effects are not reported by enough users. The proven Ligandrol benefits are of course what has made the supplement a bestseller in recent years. Some people may know Ligandrol or LGD 4033 as Anabolicum. Ligandrol is one of the versatile SARMs. It can be used for both bulking and cutting. It can also be stacked with other SARMs or bodybuilding supplements. Beginners should not stack, albeit the best Ligandrol benefits are supposedly an outcome of stacking.

Ligandrol Benefits for Bodybuilders and Power Lifters

Ligandrol benefits vary from one person to another depending on their workout and lifestyle. The profile of a user also influences the actual nature of Ligandrol benefits. Generally, Ligandrol benefits include growth and development of healthy muscles or lean mass, a reduction of fat in the body, enhanced strength and quicker recovery from injury, better endurance and to some extent injury prevention. Some users claim that injury repair or healing is one of the Ligandrol benefits but it may have more to do with the quicker recovery of muscles than the supplement being an actual cure or treatment for an injury.

Most of the Ligandrol benefits are due to the active ingredients and what they are supposed to do. For instance, the selective activation of androgen receptors leads to the growth and development of lean mass. Muscles have androgen receptors. These get triggered and a user experiences enhanced strength while growing more tissues. Quicker recovery is also due to the same reason. Bodybuilders and powerlifters need the androgen receptors in their muscles to be activated at will. This is what Ligandrol facilitates. There is some evidence that the SARM is also capable of activating the androgen receptors in bone tissues as well. This is one of the reasons why some anecdotal evidence links the supplement by providing relief from osteoporosis. But that is not why athletes or fitness enthusiasts take Ligandrol.

Ligandrol benefits are realizable without exposing oneself to any severe side effect. If the recommended dosage and course instructions are followed then there is no risk. Ligandrol does cause some suppression of hormones, especially testosterone but it can be easily restored with an appropriate post cycle therapy. Ligandrol is not known to cause any aromatization but that might now be entirely true if the dosage is increased to beyond twenty-five milligrams per day and is sustained for a period of up to eight weeks. Moderation is the key. Those who have not used the supplement ever will experience most of the Ligandrol benefits even at lower doses, such as around five milligrams per day. Those who have developed a certain degree of tolerance to the supplement may have to opt for the higher doses for expected Ligandrol benefits.

Ligandrol Benefits Explained

Ligandrol is an investigational drug. It is mostly used for muscle gain but many rely on the SARM for fat loss as well. The effects on symptoms of osteoporosis are yet to be proven on a large scale so such Ligandrol benefits are not assured. There is little clinical evidence to suggest that the supplement increases bone density. But the supplement does activate the androgen receptors in bone tissues so it may help with recovery from an injury.

The most fascinating aspect of Ligandrol benefits is that it can lead to bulking up of lean mass while also cutting down on fat. This dual effect of bulking and cutting is not found in most SARMs. In effect, you will be gaining lean mass while also losing the excess fat, not just in your belly and other parts of the body but also in your muscles. Most muscles in the human body also have some fat attached. Those who are obese or overweight actually have more fat by volume than lean mass in most parts of their body. Ligandrol is capable of targeting these fats and can burn them while at the same time facilitate growth and development of lean mass. The net gain in body weight is entirely due to the growth of lean mass. The actual growth of lean mass by volume or weight is greater than the net gain in body weight. This is due to the loss of fat that accounts for the difference, both by volume and weight.

Since Ligandrol benefits are multipronged and there is an impact on both fat and muscles, there is a significant improvement in range of motion and strength. There is also a substantial enhancement of endurance. Excess fat in the body limits the range of motion. The normal range of motion may not be affected by most people but those who are into high-intensity workouts will feel limitations. Shedding the last ounces of excess fat from muscles enhances agility and also boosts strength.

Ligandrol Results Highlighted: The Complete Guide

ligandrol results

A short intro to Ligandrol Results

There are very few SARMs on the market right now that can emulate or come close to Ligandrol results. It is a bestselling SARM among athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for more than one reason. The supplement does help with the growth and development of lean mass but it also sheds fat. SARMs are usually effective at either bulking or cutting. The Ligandrol results for most users are clearly a fine combination of bulking and cutting. This is also the key factor that makes many users try the supplement with other SARMs. However, the exact Ligandrol results vary as is the case with any other supplement.

Ligandrol Results: what to expect

There are a few assured Ligandrol results. If you take the supplement for a period of six to eight weeks at a recommended dosage, then you are almost certain to experience enhanced muscle mass and agility, there will be a sufficient reduction in fat and a substantial boost to both strength and endurance. Ligandrol is also effective at speeding up recovery after an injury. Prevention of injury and quick recovery are transient effects though. Such effects do not last after the cycle is completed. The net gain of lean mass or muscles and the loss of fat can be sustained.

The exact nature of Ligandrol results depends on many factors. One of the quintessential elements is the profile of a user. Someone who has been working out for months, who has a healthy body mass index and not a lot of bodily fat, will experience the onset of Ligandrol results in just a few days. One week into the course and muscles will feel pumped up and they will look a bit larger. There will be a subtle but visible reduction in fat and a significant boost to strength & agility. Endurance too gets a boost. Two weeks into the cycle and the net gain of lean mass should become obvious. Three to four weeks into the course and the Ligandrol results will start to become unmissable. Those who already have a great starting point often limit the use of Ligandrol to six weeks. They do not need eight weeks. But others will require eight weeks for optimum Ligandrol results.

Ligandrol results are not as quickly attainable for those who are not into regular workouts or are considerably overweight. Ligandrol is not an all-out fat burner. It is not meant to burn fat quickly and transform the body in a week or a fortnight. If someone weighs three hundred pounds or more, then the effects of the supplement will take much longer. Those who are trying to lose weight in the form of fat and also attempting a cutting cycle will not experience Ligandrol results in the first two to four weeks. This is why a course of eight weeks is recommended for many. This is not a SARM that will help you lose ten pounds every fortnight. It will not help you to gain ten pounds of muscles every week either. The Ligandrol results are moderate at the recommended dosage but the effects are sustainable and the whole process is healthy.

It should be noted that Ligandrol is not a steroid. Many steroids have the ability to make a user bulk up in a month. One can gain twenty pounds of muscles and fats in a fortnight up to a month. This is not the objective with SARMs like Ligandrol. Users want to gain lean mass or muscle and hence healthy weight during bulking up. One does not want to put on fat and increase the body mass index. Ligandrol results are fascinating in this regard.

Increase in muscle mass

Someone weighing two hundred pounds can expect to lose two to three pounds of fat and gain five to ten pounds of muscles. This leads to an effective net gain of three to seven pounds in body weight and all of this is in the form of lean mass. The eventual Ligandrol results are amazing due to this dual effect. Users develop bulkier deltoids, larger biceps and triceps, better-sculpted chests and also stronger quadriceps if they are into holistic exercises. Those who only work on the upper body will experience substantial bulking up limited to that part. Those working on both upper and lower body will undergo a complete transformation.

Ligandrol results do not make someone develop unnaturally enormous muscles. The right kind of exercise along with diet will lead to well-sculpted muscles. The muscles will be bulkier exactly where they should be and not elsewhere that will limit the range of motion, impair agility and adversely affect endurance. Ligandrol results are best attained when a standard dosage of five milligrams to ten milligrams per day is taken over a period of six to eight weeks. Those who have already used the supplement before may consider stacking for better Ligandrol results.